Craft Brewing System - CASSMAN

Two vessels Brew House

Standard Features:

1 Capacity in Liters: 100L,200L,300L,500L,1000L,2000L,3000L

2、Capacity in US BBL:3bbl,5bbl,7bb,10bbl,15bbl,20bbl,30bbl.

3 Mash/Lauter+Brew kettle/Whirlpool+Hot liquor tank

4 Domed or conical top.

5 Heated by steam, electricity or direct fire.

6 Pickling passivation for innner tank, dimple cooling jacket.polished outside jacket.

7 Stainless steel 304 for the tanks, legs, pipelines and valves.

8 Frequency converter motor for both brew vessels.

9 Milled false bottom, sparging spray ring and rake system for the lauter tun.

10 Steam condenser

11 Wort oxygenation system

12 Tangential whirlpool inlet

13、 With flow meter for water/wort, wort grant, hops back/filter

14 With pumps, PHE, LED light etc.

15 、Stainless steel platform.

16 Pneumatic valves control or half automatic.

Cassman Brewing System Configurations

1-Malt Milling System

1-Malt miller with the capacity 100kg/h, 300kg/h,500kg/h,800kg/h and 1000kg/h.

2-Stainless steel 304 cover of the rolling crusher and alloy adjustable roller.

3-As per the layout, flexible auger will transfer the milled malt to the mash tun.

4-Motor of the miller and auger can be designed locally.

2-Brew House System

1-Insulated mash tun, lauter tun, boiling kettle and whirlpool vessels, or combined vessels.

2-Domed top design for the bigger small size vessels, conical top design for bigger size.

3-Hot liquor tank and cold liquor tank are recommend. HLT will be heated the same with brew kettle.

4-SUS304 for all the vessels, and copper cladding is also available.

5-Agitator for the mashing, rake system for the lauter, milled false bottom and tangent inlet design.

6-Independent control panel for the brew house system, PID or penumatic valves control.

7-Completely brew house platform

8-All pipings for the whole system

3-Beer Fermentation Tank

1-Cylindrically-Conical Tanks, SUS 304 material conical cylindrical tank with insulation.

2-Dimple cooling jacket for ice water or glycol

3-Pickled and passivated for inner surface.

4-Top or side man way, shadowless.

5-Dry hopping and release valve on the top.

6-Pressure gauge, sample valve, temperature sensor, spray ball, thermometer, racking arm.

4-Beer Filtration

1-Candle type, Pan type, plate frame type are available.

2-Diatomite power provide.

5-Beer Conditioning Tank

1-Serving tank, filling tank, service tank, storage tank, BBT – Bright beer tank

2-Dimple cooling jacket for ice water or glycol

3-Pickled and passivated for inner surface.

4-Side man way, shadowless.

5-Cabonation stone, level gauge for beer storage.

6-Pressure gauge, sample valve, temperature sensor, spray ball, thermometer.

7-Horizontal type are available.

6-Cooling system

1-Air type chiller with Copuland or Sanyo compressor.

2-Freon 404, 404A,407C are available.

3-Insluated ice water tank/glycol tank

4-cold liquor pumps connected the chiller and tanks.

5-Automatic control for the chiller and liquor pumps.

6-Stainess steel or PPR pipelines with insulation.

7-Control system

1-PID system or PLC system are available.

2-Independent control panel for the brew house system, Auto control for the motors and pumps.

3-Independent control for the chiller pump and fermentors. Auto control.

4-Siemens PLC S7-200 program and touch screen are available.

5-Penumatic valves are available.

6-App design are available.

8-Kegging line

1-Double station Keg filling line and keg washing machine, 60-100kegs per hour.

2-Combained filler&washer, 30-50kegs per hour

3-Europe standard and US standard stainless steel kegs.

9-Support system

1-Steam generator, gas, electricity or direct fire heated.

2-Soft water treatment for the generator.

3-RO water treatment for the brewery.

4-CIP system for the brew house and beer tanks.

5-Air compressor.