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New Caledonia-1000L Brewery System
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New Caledonia-1000L Brewery System

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Craft beer has been developed rapidly all over the world.

New  Caledonia, a tourist destination in the South Pacific, installed a craft  brewery system from Cassman Company recently. Renan is French and has  lived here for many years. Years of brewing experience tell him that  both locals and foreign tourists need craft beer!

In the  summer of 2019, we contacted Renan for the first time. The initial  intention equipment was 10HL of saccharification system, a  20HL fermentation tank, and all the other equipment of the brewery. It  is worth mentioning that the process here has a local European secondary  fermentation process. So we have a sugar tank.

Because  of visas, schedule etc., we have never meet each other face to face, we  constantly modify and improve the site design, process design, and  control system by mail. Finally, at the end of 2019, we transported the  equipment to the site on time. Renan and his colleagues experienced a  hard installation for about three weeks, and the equipment began to  operate and brew beer!

We wish them brew colorful craft beer!

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