Hops Filter / Hop Filter Tank And Diatomite Filter
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Hops Filter / Hop Filter Tank And Diatomite Filter

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Hops filter / hop filter tank and diatomite filter

The hop filter or the hop filter tank is before the plate heat exchanger. After the hop is filtered through the hop filter or the hop filter tank, the clear wort is filtered, and then it is passed to the plate for cooling. Fermentation is carried out in a fermenter following a normal fermentation cycle.

The diatomite filter is used to filter mature beer after beer brewing.

The candle-type diatomite filter system consists of the candle-type diatomite filter host, pipeline system and electrical control system.

The candle-type diatomite filter host consists of a cylindrical cone-bottom main filter tank, a mixing and adding device, a piping system, and a material pump and pump; the main filter tank is divided into a filtrate chamber and a candle wick mounting plate.

The two parts of the feeding chamber, the candle wick is fixed on the mounting plate through a special flange, the sub-spherical oval end is located above the candle wick mounting plate, and is used as the filtrate collection chamber.

The cylindrical cone bottom part is used as the filter feeding chamber. The bottom part of the cone is used to collect and discharge the diatomite slurry during the cleaning process and to distribute the suspension during pre-coating and filtration.    The liquor to be filtered enters the cone bottom of the tank together with the added diatomaceous earth.

Through a special jet feed distributor, the filter aids such as diatomaceous earth can be uniformly pre-coated or added to the surface of each filter candle; Under the action of pressure, the liquor is sieved, retained and adsorbed by filter aids such as diatomaceous earth to separate yeast and solid particles.

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