Bag-In-Tank System
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Bag-In-Tank System

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Before you can start using the Bag-In-Tank system, you will need the following:

Tanks for storage/lagering

Tank, including manhole and safety valve:

Either a horizontal or vertical tank can be used, depending on your personal

preferences. A number of different sizes are also available.


Depending on the tank selected, you can opt between stationary and mobile

(transport frame) versions. The base of a transport frame has recesses for a

pallet jack. Heavy-duty transport wheels can be fitted as an option.


A compressor is needed to pressurise the inliner (the airtight plastic bag

containing the beer). Duotank has a range of low-noise, 100% stainless steel

heavy-duty compressors. These compressors were specifically designed for

prolonged operation. The standard DAC 25 compressor is suitable for up to 4x

1000 litres.


Depending on the type of tank, a suitable inliner is needed. This is a

disposable article. After each filling / brew, the inliner is replaced. Inliners are

supplied individually in a protective package, and meet all relevant

requirements for direct contact with food.

Piercing unit

To connect the inliner with the hose and / or tap, a piercing unit is needed.

This is available with a range of connecting threads (Standard NW25).

The piercing unit must be cleaned every time it is used for a new refill. The

best way to do this is with a CIP unit and/or steam. We recommend, therefore,

that you have a spare piercing unit (for changing the valves).

Specific piercing units are available, depending on the type of beer. If the beer

contains a lot of sediment (unfiltered) and you do not want it to be served with

the beer, use a piercing unit with a longer shaft. The sediment sinks to the

bottom of the tank, keeping it below the longer shaft of the piercing unit and

out of the beer line. When the tank is empty and the piercing unit removed,

the sediment drains out.

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