3 Advantages Of A Lauter Grant
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3 Advantages Of A Lauter Grant

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The lauter grant, among the least publicized of the brew-day gadgets, permits access to runoff as the mash is lautered and sparged.

Cassman full glass hot wort grant

The grant is rarely found in large commercial systems, but it was, at one time, a vital component of most German breweries. It is, in function if not always form, nothing more than an intermediate vessel in which liquid is collected on its way from the lauter tun to the boil kettle. The grant, thus, permits access to runoff as the mash is lautered and sparged. There are a few advantages to such a configuration:

1-In systems that rely on pumps, the grant provides a buffer between the outflow from the lauter tun and the inflow to the boil kettle. This mitigates the potential for a vacuum, which might compact the grain bed and cause a stuck mash.

2-The brewer may take wort samples from the grant with which to conveniently measure the pH of the runoff and avoid over-sparging.

3-Similarly, a brewer can observe wort entering the grant and pump it back to the top of the mash until it has become sufficiently clear to be redirected to the boil kettle.

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