Why Need Step Mashing In Beer Brewing?
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Why Need Step Mashing In Beer Brewing?

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Step-mashing allows brewers to manipulate the mash to get the desired wort, dry or sweet, velvety or lightly astringent. You may also find that your extract efficiency goes up slightly-to-moderately when using a step-mashing regimen. Understanding the science behind step mashing can help all-grain brewers — and even partial mash brewers — decide on an appropriate mash regimen for their beers.

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The most interested step mashing process is:

35-45°C (95-113°F) The Acid Rest

43-45°C (109-113°F) Ferulic Acid Rest

61-71°C (142-162°F) The Saccharification Rest

Cassman provide all size mash/lauter tun, the vessel could be heated by steam, direct fired or oil.

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