How To Choose A Mash Tun?
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How To Choose A Mash Tun?

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Before clarifying this problem, you need to determine which saccharification method you will use. In general, there are three saccharification methods:

The first is blended hot water, single temperature (blended hot water), which is Single-Step Infusion Mash. This saccharification method does not need to heat the pot, so you do n’t need to consider the heating when choosing the mash tun, only need to insulated and corresponding pipe fittings are sufficient.

The single saccharification method is generally between 64 and 70 degrees. It only needs to heat the hot water to the corresponding temperature and pump it into the saccharification pot.

The second is the gradual temperature saccharification method, which is Multi-Step Temperature Mash. This saccharification method requires saccharification of the saccharification liquid at multiple temperatures, as follows:

Protein rest 45 ° C to 54 ° C

Beta amylase decomposition 60 ° C to 65 ° C

Alpha amylase decomposition 71 ° C to 74 ° C

Complete saccharification at 77 ° C, ie mash out

The corresponding saccharification equipment is selected:

If it is electric heating, electric heating element needs to be installed in the mash tun.

For steam heating, steam jackets are required on the sides and bottom of the tank, which are controlled separately,

For direct fire heating, you need to configure the burner


                        Gas Burner                                                    Electric Element


                                  Steam jacket and Independent Steam solenoid valve

The saccharification method of gradually heating is currently the more mainstream saccharification method.

There is a third method of cooking, which is to stir the malt and cold water in the saccharification pot and heat it. This saccharification method has been rarely used.

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