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Flow Meter In Beer Brewing Process
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Flow Meter In Beer Brewing Process

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Application of flowmeter in beer brewing process

What is the flow meter?

A flow meter is a equipment used to measure the volume or mass of a gas or liquid.

Flow meters are referred to by many names, such as flow gauge, flow indicator, liquid meter, flow rate sensor, etc. Depending on the particular industry .

However, they all measure flow. Open channels, like rivers or streams, may be measured with flow meters.

Or more frequently, the most utility from a flow meter and the greatest variety of flow meters focus on measuring gasses and liquids in a pipe .

Improving the precision, accuracy, and resolution of fluid measurement are the greatest benefits of the best flow meters.

Where is the flowmeter used?

The first position is in front of the brewhouse systems. Preparing the mashing water requires accurate flow calculation.

At the same time, this flowmeter is also used for the lauter tank washing water.

The second position is located after the heat exchanger. After the wort cooling is completed, we will use the second flowmeter to measure how much wort we actually get.

At present, we provide three types of flowmeters, one is made in China, which is larger. And the other is Germany E + H and IFM flowmeter. The following are reference pictures.

Reference parameters:

Product No. : SM8000

Application: conductive liquids of the fluid group 2 according to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), (conductivity: ≥ 20 µS/cm / viscosity: < 70 mm²/s at 40°C)

Operating voltage: 18...30 V DC

Electrical design: DC PNP/NPN

Output function: OUT1: normally open / closed programmable or pulse,

OUT2: normally open / closed programmable or analogue (4...20 mA / 0...10 V, scaleable)

Process connection: G1 flat seal

Current rating:  200 mA

Measuring range: 0.2...100.0 l/min; 0.010...6.000 m³/h

Measuring range: -20...80 [°C]

Pressure rating: 16 [bar]

Connection: M12 connector

Housing materials: stainless steel 316L / 1.4404; PBT-GF 20; PC; FKM; TPE

Materials (wetted parts): stainless steel 316L / 1.4404; PEEK (polyether ether ketone); FKM

Medium temperature: -10...70 °C

Ambient temperature: -10...60 °C

Protection: IP 67

Display: Display unit: 6 x LED green (l/min, m³/h, l, m³, 10³, °C) ;

Switching status: 2 x LED yellow ;

Measured values: 4-digit alphanumeric display ;

Programming: 4-digit alphanumeric display

Accessories (to be ordered separately):  Socket, Mounting accessories

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