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Racking Arm

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Rotating racking arms are an integral part of any fermentation system involving conical fermentation tanks or brite tanks.

Typically found in the bottom cone of the conical fermentation tank, the racking arm is rotated slowly downward drawing off clear liquid or beer until the fine sediment of yeast begins to trickle through.

Cassman provide 60, 90,180 degree racking arms available for fermentation tanks where you can insert the elbow. It has double sided tri-clamp spool with a racking arm for the inside of your fermentation tanks.

The interior has a double o-ring sealed piston that allows you to loosen the TC clamp and rotate the whole assembly while the tank is still full to get close to the trub but not suck it up.


Racking Arm has been designed to eliminate beer contact with threaded fittings. The path the beer takes in and out of the racking arm and valve is very smooth, reducing the places that dried beer and yeast can hide and contaminate your beer.

It also has a positioning arm that lets you know at what angle the racking arm is inside the conical.

This design replaces the ball valve-style arms from our old conical. The assembly attaches to the 1.5/2 inch Tri-Clamp coupler welded to the outside of tank.


Some parameters:

- Stainless Steel 304

- For those who want threadless/tri-clamp fittings

- Custom designed for fermentation tanks

- Use with 1.5" /2" tri-clamp butterfly valve of your choice

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