2000L Customized Automatic System For USA Client
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2000L Customized Automatic System For USA Client

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The 2000L craft beer project was shipped this week!

In addition to the conventional design for this project, we used many new designs, such as a fully automatic pneumatic valve control system, using Siemens procedures; using fully automatic liquid level switches, and so on.

The following are the main specifications of the whole set of equipment:

Product Details:

1. Conveying: screw conveying and flexible conveying, the screw conveying motor is at the bottom, and the flexible conveying motor is on the top;

2. 700kg/h grain hopper, stainless steel tube top, 1 meter high, stainless steel SUS304;

3. Mash tank, 2000L+25% head space,

1) A section of steam in the cylinder, equipped with a steam solenoid valve, a trap, and safety components,

2) Glass manhole door,

3) PT100 temperature probe is clamp style,

4) 1 exhaust fan,

5) The level gauge has a stainless steel sleeve,

6) With water mixing manifold;

7) 2 * 360 covering CIP ball washing clamp connection,

8) Pneumatic valve,

9) The wort inlet size is 2 inches,

10) Material water mixer,

11) Adjusting bolts,

4.  Boiling /whirlpool tank, 2000L+25% head space

1) Two-stage steam, individually controlled, with steam solenoid valve, trap and safety components

2) Stir up, whirlpool inlet

3) Glass manhole door

4) 2 * 360 coverage CIP ball washing clamp connection

5) PT100 temperature probe is clamp style

6) Exhaust fan

7) Top radar level

8) The liquid level has a stainless steel sleeve

9) The wort inlet baffle is connected by a clamp

10) Adjust bolt

5. 5T/H mash pump, with frequency conversion, ABB motor; Danfoss VFD; 20M2 two-stage plate heat exchange; wort oxygenation-pipeline thermometer; 50L yeast addition tank; mash platform, punching plate, SUS304; IFM flow meter

6. Pneumatic valve, connected to mash tank, boiling/whirlpool tank and hot water tank; the mash outlet and boiling outlet are also equipped with pneumatic valves

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