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Cider Equipment

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Cider is a fruit wine made from apples as the main raw material through crushing, pressing, low-temperature fermentation and aging. Cider is a low-alcohol wine, rich in nutrients, appropriate supplementation can relax the muscles and activate the collaterals and improve health. It is a low-alcoholic fruit juice drink that combines the advantages of beer and fruit juice. It is also known as the second largest fruit wine in the world. Its output is second only to wine. It has a clear taste and rich nutrition. Through low-temperature fermentation, the natural maturation process is brewed into a shape.

It contains dual nutrients produced by apple and biological fermentation, amino acids needed by the human body, and fruit acids unique to cider; it can help the human body to metabolize and maintain balance. Apples also contain calcium, magnesium and other minerals and trace elements that can maintain the acid-base balance in the human body.

     Brewing process

     Raw material selection→cleaning→mashing→juicing→into the tank→fermentation→measurement→preparation→storage→bottling


     One, the choice of raw materials

     You can choose varieties with high juice yield, high sugar and acid content. Fresh apples should be hard, ripe, and not rotten.

     Second, the processing of raw materials

     After mashing the apples, squeeze the juice and filter (note: pick out the apple seeds, the seeds will affect the taste of the cider), the apple juice is easy to oxidize, and the squeezed juice has a black coffee color. Take a small bowl of hot water and add the captain tablets and put them in the solution after the captain tablets dissolve into the juice and stir (capden tablets: eliminate fungi and harmful substances in the juice) and put them in the main fermentation tank after standing for 24 hours .

    Note: The juice cannot exceed 4/5 of the container

    Three, fermentation

    Take a bowl of juice, preferably at a temperature of about 20 degrees (it is best to keep the temperature of the main fermenter at about 20 degrees), and put the dry yeast on it. When the juice releases a lot of bubbles, the yeast will be activated. Add the activated yeast to the main fermentation tank. , Keep the fermentation temperature at about 20 degrees. The purpose of this is to speed up the fermentation speed and avoid bacteriostasis for too long.

    Add sugar once after 3 days of fermentation. Do not add too much (calculated as 1 alcohol per liter of sugar), and the main fermenter cannot be sealed (a lot of bubbles will be produced during the fermentation process. Sealing the fermenter will easily burst the fermentor), and cover it after 6 days The main fermenter. This time the brewing is a semi-sweet cider, so there is no need to convert all the sugar into alcohol. After 6 days, the temperature is lowered to about 8 degrees to slow the later fermentation. In this process, the sugar in the main fermentation will be converted into alcohol, producing a lot of carbonic acid and precipitation.

    The post-fermentation takes three weeks, the carbon dioxide bubbles are reduced, and the wine body begins to clear, that is, the main fermentation ends. After the main fermentation is over, the wine is in a changed state. First, the clarified part in the fermentation barrel is separated into another clean container through a siphon. Separate again after two months, and then separate the wine again every month until the wine is clear and there is no sediment at the bottom, at which time the wine is ready to be bottled.

    Fourth, quality standards

    Color: golden yellow, clear and transparent, no obvious suspended matter, no precipitation;

    Aroma: fruity aroma of apple and strong cider aroma;

    Flavor: sweet and sour, refreshing, mellow and full-bodied.

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