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Best Way To Save Beer Pub Space (For Beer Tanks)
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Best Way To Save Beer Pub Space (For Beer Tanks)

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We talked about the combined brewhouse to save space last week, Let’s go on with this topic today . How to save more space for beer tank ?


Stacked fermenter and horizontal BBT will be the best way to save more space for tables. Just you need have enough height of the room. We will design the tanks as per your room, make sure the tanks are easy to operate and cleaning.


If your brewing house is high enough, you can choose stacked fermenter,(https://www.cassmanbrew.com/productshow-9-231-1.htm).


 For brite tank you can choose horizontal tank (https://www.cassmanbrew.com/productshow-10-95-1.html).


Cassman offer all kinds of this brewing equipment . Just feel free to contact me and we can help you design accordingly.



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