Bright Beer Tanks

Bright Beer Tanks

Cassman--Bright Beer Tank

Cassman--Bright Beer Tank

Product Details

Bright Beer Tank

• 15% head space.

• SUS 304 material insulated tank.

• 100% TIG welding with pure argon gas.

• 0.3 Mpa test pressure. 0.2 Mpa working pressure.

• Dimple cooling jacket, side and cone of the tank.(DIN, NPT connection option)

• Top relief valve(PVRV).

• Sanitary side manway (top for option).

Sample valve. Pressure valve, Co2 relief valve.

• Carbonation stone, DIN/TC racking arm.

• Level tube, CIP pipe, Blow Off pipe.

24V solenoid valve.Dial Thermometer. RTD sensor.

• Stainless steel 304 butterfly valve.(DIN, Tri-clamp)

Lifting Lugs,Adjustable Feet,Ladder Hooks.

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