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Equipment warranty includes tank warranty, electric parts warranty, auxiliary parts warranty, etc. .
1, Cassman provides 3-5 years warranty for the main tank, 1 year warranty for electrical components and auxiliary parts, etc., and lifetime after-sales service.
2, In order to ensure the normal operation of the brewery, we can provide a separate set of spare parts according to the customer's request, customers can replace parts in case of abrasion damage.

During operation, daily maintenance for the equipment is important. Cassman will provide maintenance guide., if need, we can send engineer to customer's site for repair and maintenance.

Beer equipment model selection:
1, Based on years of experience, Cassman can provide standard models of beer brewing equipment. We have mature experience in brewing technology and equipment design.
2, Cassman can provide custom-made service as per customer's requirement. including customize brewhouse system, fermentation tank, brite beer tank, coffee equipment, whiskey distillation equipment, stainless steel tank, etc.

Brewery design:
Cassman can help to design layout for newly built brewery, and we will supply P&ID drawings, electrical connection diagrams,flow chart, tank drawings, etc. , 3D drawings are also available if needs.

Cassman has 6 to 8 experienced technical engineers, we can provide on-site installation and debugging instruction as per customer's needs.
1, To ensure good after-sales service, we will appoint the same technical personnel to debug and load the equipment before delivery,
2, For single tank, if on-site installation service is unnecassary, Cassman will provide equipment drawings and installation guides so that customers can install by themselves. 

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