2500L Stainless Steel Brewhouse System
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2500L Stainless Steel Brewhouse System

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2500L Stainless Steel Brewhouse System Configuration:

1-4-vessel brewhouse can achieve 6 batches of brewing per day, laying a good foundation for the expansion of production

2-Mixing unit for better mixing of grain and water

3-The lower agitator motor has more torque;

4- The liftable scraper cooperates with the pneumatic gate valve to automatically discharge the waste;

5-Filter tank up to 10mm thick flat bottom and stainless steel square tube support, strong and stable

6-The wort loop pipe with multiple branch pipes to collect the wort more evenly;

7-The backwash loop pipe with multiple branch pipes to solve the difficulty of filtration;

8- Independent heater in the kettl for better boiling effect;

9- Specially designed steam jacket device to improve steam utilization efficiency and avoid "water hammer" problem

10- Special tank and pipeline structure to avoid wort aeration problem and reduce material loss

11- The boiling process can be carried out under pressure, especially for breweries at higher altitudes.

12- Specially designed steam condensing unit with both steam condensing and hot water recovery functions

13- Reserve the cooling capacity and pipeline interface for future expansion;

14- Fully automatic control system: an automatic system with curve display and production record printing, which can store and recall a series of recipes, and complete the brewing process with one key;

Cassman standard configuration    

Malt Milling Unit

1- Grist case

2-Particles adjustable counter-roll dry crusher or wet crusher

3- Flexible or steel auger lifts milled grain directly to the mash bucket

Brewhouse System

1- Mash tun, lauter tun, kettle tun and whirlpool tun 4-vessel combination;

2- Two-stage or single-stage heat exchanger for wort cooling;

3- Wort oxygenation device before entering the fermenter;

4-Hygienic and high-efficiency mash pump with frequency conversion

5- Sanitary stainless steel pipes and valves

6- Quick-install and fully detachable stainless steel operating platform

7- Special combination of brewing water tank, hot water tank and cold water tank can be selected

Fermentation System

1- Stainless steel fermentation tank with cooling jacket

2- Stainless steel bright tank or storage tank with cooling jacket

3- The quantity and volume of fermentation tanks are accurately calculated by the fermentation cycle of various beers

4- All orifices, valves, pressure gauges, safety valves, temperature probes, rotating arm beer outlet and other accessories are included

5- Unitanks with carbon dioxide charging device with carbon fossil

6- PPR pipes and stainless steel pipes with thermal insulation layer are available;

Glycol Cooling System

1- Insulated glycol tank for glycol liquid holding and mixing

2- The chiller or refrigerator is accurately calculated the cooling capacity according to the needs of heat exchanger and fermentation system

3- Sanitary centrifugal pump powering glycol water circulation

4- Other more energy-efficient options, such as adding a cold water tank

CIP Cleaning System

1- A removable CIP cleaning system including lye tank and acid tank is available;

2- Fixed CIP cleaning system including lye tank, acid tank and hot water tank is available;

3- Simple mobile pump is available;

Control System

1- PID semi-automatic control with temperature display, setting and control and pump start-stop control is available;

2- PLC automatic control is optional; it has temperature, flow, liquid level display and control, accurate metering of feeding water and automatic mixing, editing and storage of recipes and one-key completion of the brewing process.

30bbl Four vessel brew house system

In addition, this equipment features various functions that make it easier to operate. The nozzle of the equipment is ergonomically designed, making it easier for users to adjust the water temperature and pressure. The control panel of the equipment is also fully equipped with a visual display that provides users with more accurate data monitoring. This enables users to monitor and control the entire process of beer-brewing more efficiently.

To sum up, our 2500L Stainless Steel Brewhouse System is an ideal choice for those who are serious about beer-brewing. It's a highly efficient, practical and user-friendly device, designed with the brewers' needs in mind. It offers superior performance, reasonable structure, easy operation and high quality materials, which makes it stand out among the competition. With this complete set of equipment, we believe that beer-brewing can be truly enjoyable and we are committed to bring the best experience to all of our customers.


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