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Cassman--Commercial Brewing Syst...

Steam system, 20HL-100HL, 2-3-4 Brewing Vessels w...

Cassman--Microbrewery System

Steam,Electric, Gas heated system with HLT

Cassman--Craft Brewing System

Steam,Electric, Gas heated system with HLT

Cassman- Horizontal Beer Tank

Customized size and type

Cassman--Stainless Steel Beer Ferm...

304/316 Material, 50L-500HL Conical Tank

Cassman--Bright Beer Tank

50L-500HL Beer Storage/Beer Serving Tank

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10bbl Beer Fermenters/Unitank
1000L Brewhouse+2000L hot liquor tank
20HL Brewhouse System

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Jinan Cassman Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, the factory covers an area of 5,000 square meters, with three workshops of S/S vessels processing, Welding&Assembly, and commissioning. Equipped with advanced CNC machine, Argon gas welding machine,stainless steel bending machine, pressure vessel detector, etc., Approved by CE,TUV and ISO certifications. We have a technical team with tanks design, brewing consultant, electrician and installation engineers.

Cassman focus on the brewing technology research,design and manufacture. We provide home brew equipment(50L-100L), craft brewing equipment(200L-3000L) and industrial brewery equipment(1000L-20000L), which included the malt milling, brew house system, beer fermentation/servicing tank, cold/hot liquor system, packaging line and control system. Our after sales service including the installation and brewing technology transfer.

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Vorlauf Pipe for Micro Brewing System

Vorlauf Pipe is important during the brewing circulation, Cassman design the Vorlauf as per different brewing recipes, the length could be adjust for option. With Vorlauf pipe, there will no worry about to destory the mash bed during the circulation. All stainless steel 304 with tri clamp connections.

Why Need Step Mashing In Beer Brewing?

Step mashing is a mash program in which the mash temperature is progressively increased through a series of rests. The ubiquity of well-modified malts has virtually eliminated the need to perform a step-mash in most situations. So why should you learn more about the process and science behind step-mashing? Simple, you can produce more variety and sometimes better, more distinctive beers when following a step mash program.

What is a lauter tun

Lauter Tun is a vessel for separating the wort from the solids of the mash. See grant, lautering, mashing, and sparging. A lauter tun works much like a large sieve. It normally has a slotted, perforated floor, also called a false bottom, which holds the spent milled grains, while allowing the wort to filter through the grain bed and collect in the space beneath; the wort then runs to the brew kettle.

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