5bbL Brewpub Beer Brewing System
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5bbL Brewpub Beer Brewing System

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● Standard 2*5BBL brewing vessels and 10bbl HLT complete system.

● Mash/Lauter tun, Kettle/Whirlpool, Hot Liquor Tank, All Insulated.

● Electrical, gas, oil, or steam heated

● Mash tun with VFD motor, rake system, false bottom, sight glass etc.

● Kettle with Tangent inlet, Vorlauf port etc

● Steam solenoid valve on each vessels (only for steam heated system)

● All brewing and hot liquor pipeline, butterfly valves.

● Work platform with stairs, railing

● VFD sanitary pumps

● Heat exchanger, Wort oxygen device etc.

● PLC or PID controls for the motor, pumps, temperature and steam valves.



Full automatic control system is also available, by the pneumatic valves and Siemens PLC program, the system will highly labor saved.


CASSMAN  5bbl Hotel Craft Beer Equipment is a simple and complete craft beer brewing solution. It is an integrated system for home brewing and commercial brewing environments.

This 5bbl Brewing Equipment is made of quality stainless steel, which has excellent seal performance and is easy to disinfect and clean. The overall structure is sturdy and reliable and the customizable operating panel is easy to operate. The entire set of equipment is designed with reinforced bottom and side filling structure, reducing product consumption, optimizing design and simplifying operations. The fermentation system uses a special insulation and cooling material to regulate the fermentation environment and quickly cool down, ensuring beer quality.

The 5bbl equipment set has the advantages of simple operation, flexibility and variablity. With the PLC operation system, various drinks can be easily mixed in the mixing chamber. At the same time, the large volume capacity of the 5bbl craft beer brewing machine can effectively meet the needs of large commercial breweries. The 5bbl wort concentration tank greatly speeds up the filtration process of the beer. The integrated scale module ensures accurate weighing, and multiple positions of the pump ensure the best flow performance.

This 5bbl craft beer brewing equipment is suitable for home brewing, bar brewing, and commercial brewery. It is a cost effective, high-efficiency and high-quality beer brewing system that can produce various beer styles.




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