Canada--Container Brewery-4000L
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Canada--Container Brewery-4000L

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The first time we met Dan was in a cold winter. As a native Canadian, this kind of cold may not be cold for him!

In a small bar, Dan shared the entrepreneurial stories of him and his friends with us. There are painful lessons and full receipts. As peers, we seem to have found a confidant.

After understanding the needs of Dan, Experienced Sale Manager Edward made a detailed plan, and introduced the equipment processing technology, welding, assembly, transportation and other aspects. Dan was very satisfied with our service. , The contract was signed the next afternoon.

After 45 days, Dan came to China again to inspect the purchased equipment before leaving the factory. A month later, the equipment was delivered to the Port of Vancouver on time, and now Container Brewery is operating at full capacity, and beer is in short supply.

We wish Container Brewery to brew more beer and fulfill the dreams!