200T Brewery Fermenter for large brewery
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200T Brewery Fermenter for large brewery

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Cassman large-scale fermentation tank is a common equipment used in the fermentation industry. It is designed for large-scale fermentation of various materials to produce products such as antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, and enzymes. This paper discusses the advantages of outdoor large-scale fermentation tanks, the precautions in manufacturing and processing, and the considerations in usage.

Advantages of outdoor large-scale fermentation tanks

1. Large fermentation capacity

The outdoor large-scale fermentation tank has a large volume,  which allows it to process large amounts of raw materials. This makes it especially useful in industries where large-scale fermentation is required to obtain high yields of products. Enclosed is the 300HL Brewery Fermenter for Uzbekistan buyer.

2. High flexibility

Outdoor fermentation tanks are more flexible than indoor tanks. They can be placed in a variety of locations, and their size can be customized to suit specific production needs. They can also be designed to fit different types of raw materials.

3. Lower cost

The cost of building an outdoor fermentation tank is lower than that of building an indoor one. The latter requires a specialized building, air conditioning, and higher operating costs. With outdoor fermentation tanks, there is no need for specialized equipment for temperature and humidity control, which further reduces the cost.

4. Easy maintenance

Outdoor fermentation tanks are easy to maintain. This is because they are placed in the open air, which makes it easy to clean, check, and perform routine maintenance. This reduced maintenance also leads to cost savings.

30000L Fermenter_

Precautions in manufacturing and processing

1. Use safe and high-quality materials

When manufacturing outdoor large-scale fermentation tanks, safe and high-quality materials should be used. This is because the fermentation process produces a lot of heat, and if the materials used are not safe or of low quality, they can result in accidents.

2. Consider the environment

The outdoor fermentation tank location should be chosen carefully. The tank should be placed in a location that offers good ventilation, free from dust, and other contaminants. The site should also be away from residential areas or populated areas to avoid any noise pollution.

3. Ensure effective temperature control

Temperature control is necessary in the fermentation process for optimal results. The outdoor fermentation tank's design should factor in effective temperature control to ensure optimal results.

150t Fermentation tanks_

Usage considerations

1. Sanitation

Maintaining high levels of cleanliness and hygiene in the outdoor fermentation tank and the surrounding environment is necessary. This is because poor sanitation can lead to the development of unwanted bacteria in the fermentation process, reducing yields and risking contamination.

2. Safety

Outdoor fermentation tanks require strict safety guidelines to avoid accidents. Proper protocols, including fire safety and hazardous chemicals management should be followed. In addition, individuals who operate and maintain the tanks must be properly trained on safety measures.

3. Optimal environmental conditions

The optimal functioning of outdoor fermentation tanks depends on favorable environmental conditions. Therefore, make sure to closely monitor the temperature and humidity levels. Any changes should be corrected promptly to prevent affecting the fermentation process.

4. Regular maintenance

Outdoor tanks are exposed to the elements more than indoor tanks, requiring more maintenance. Regular cleaning, painting, and repairs should be done to keep the equipment in good condition. This maintenance will also lead to a longer lifespan and higher quality results.


The use of outdoor large-scale fermentation tanks in the production of various products is critical in the modern processing industry. Advantages include large fermentation capacity, high flexibility, lower cost of construction, and easy maintenance. While designing, processing, and using fermentation tanks, safety should be the primary focus, and proper sanitation and optimal environmental conditions should be maintained to achieve high-quality results. Regular maintenance of equipment is also crucial to prolong its lifespan and to ensure it operates efficiently.


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